Ottawa Newborn Lifestyle Session – Baby L

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Everything about this session was to die for. Beautiful house, beautiful mom and dad, incredibly beautiful baby girl. I mean, really? She was sweet as pie and such a gem during our shoot. By the end, I just couldn’t stop taking photos!

Here’s a look at baby L and her sweet fam! LOVE!


I feel like this picture should have a word bubble or something. Hilarious.


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A Brief History of Graphic Design


Graphic design is a very new art form, starting with the invention of the printing press. Graphic design is essentially mass produced, commercial art and design. So the history of design is quite short and I wanted to share a brief summary.

Design Era Timeline

Graphic design as we know it only began in the beginning of the 19th century, with the Georgian Era. The timeline ends with the present day computer aided design that we see today. Since the advent of the computer, design has no limits. Anything that can be thought of can now be produced.

Design Eras

Understanding the various movements in the history of graphic design helps me understand why graphic design is what it is today. Exploring these eras is also very inspiring, encouraging me to incorporate some of these styles into my own work.

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Beauty Is…

A lot from Lydia

What is beauty?

Pardon me as I embrace my Greek ancestry and say that I believe I that ancestry qualifies me, above all others, to discuss this controversial subject.

Let’s start our discussion with a basic definition-

1.a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

What does that mean?

The ancient Greeks (my people) philosophized and argued, and really beat this subject into the ground, and yet we still consider the idea fascinating.

Plato’s idea of beauty has been paraphrased with “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” (A subjective opinion)
vs Aristotle who argued that beauty is virtue. (A judgmental objective)

The Pythagorean schools saw a correlation between beauty and mathematics. (Another example boys and girls of why math is important. You will need it when the time comes to choose a mate, so stay in school…

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Ridiculously Fun Research

EMU's Debuts

35937_407156620269_7864707_n Jane Austen’s Writing Desk

My debut novel, NOT IN THE SCRIPT, is about two teens who star in a television drama. It’s pretty much as pop culture as you get in young adult lit. So it may come as a surprise to those who don’t know me well that my favorite genre to both read and write is actually historical.

If I were given the opportunity to time travel, I would choose the 1800’s in less than a heartbeat.

Something about this time period draws me in like no other, and I get positively giddy whenever I read a Jane Austen novel. So here’s another thing that most people don’t know: I started writing a novel set in the Regency era a full decade ago. I’ve worked on many other projects during those ten years, including my novel that’s being published this October, but I keep going back to…

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How to Spell the Rebel Yell


Elena Passarello | The Normal School | 2010 | 14 minutes (3,470 words)

The Normal SchoolOur latest Longreads Member Pick is a deep dive into the sounds of history, from Elena Passarello and The Normal School. The essay also is featured in Passarello’s book, Let Me Clear My Throat.
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“Yee-aay-ee!” “Wah-Who-Eeee!” -Margaret Mitchell

“Wah-Who-Eeee!” -Chester Goolrick


-H. Allen Smith

“More! More! More!” -Billy Idol

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Things I’ve learned from being transgender that aren’t about being transgender

Si c’etait en francais

Being transgender prompted me to undergo a lengthy period of deep introspection. It forced me to question things which the general population perhaps doesn’t give a second thought to, ever. It also gave me a lens to reexamine other aspects of my life with a broader perspective. Thus, here I present the lessons I’ve learned by virtue of being trans, that aren’t really about being trans at all.

Gender is f’ing everywhere!

Fetuses are imparted a “gender” based on microscopic hints of genitals as seen through an expensive x-ray printout. Our involuntary gender journey thus begins, plaguing us with pink and blue stickers, gendered names and spaces and play places. This dichotomous fanaticism extends well into adulthood. From the facial moisturizer for men (boosting your burliness) to granola bars for women (which surely elevate estrogen levels), the battle of the sexes plays out even in the most inane scenarios. Everyone could benefit from a little…

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